Aromatherapy Soaps Mauritius

Handcrafted Aromatherapy Soaps
We are just one normal health conscious family:
  • We founded Mum&Co this year (2016) after much encouragement from friends and family.
  • We make only cold-processed artisanal soaps with essential oils.
  • A healthy alternative to the synthetic, chemically processed soaps in today's marketplace
  • Our pride lies in the quality of our soaps. We use only the finest ingredients available.
  • I think what makes our soap special is the love and care that we do it. Everything is done to make sure we get the best for our skin. And we use our own soaps !
  • We live in the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Welcome to Mum & Co Aromatherapy!
Mum & Co : The name was chosen by my mother. Her name's Angel and mine is Codarren. So Mum & Co it was :)
We absolutely love making our own soaps using the best ingredients we can find. 

We make our artisan-style soaps in small batches and each of our soap is unique in its own way
No Palm Oil/ Sodium Palmate/ Palm Kernel oil
We have been buying all kinds of soap from abroad and we saw the huge difference in quality when we compared it to the commercial soaps and aromatherapy soaps available. We are probably the only soapmakers who use extra-virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil for our soaps as those are expensive. 

No artificial scents
Our soaps do not contain any perfumes or chemicals that enhance the scent. The scent all comes from the essential oils we use in all our soaps.

High Quality Essential oils and Soaps
Our soaps feature antibacterial essential oils, anti-aging essential oils, immune system boosting essential oils, acne remedies, allergy cures, aphrodisiacs and much more !
Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 8:00pm Sunday
10:00am - 7:00pm
Aromatherapy Soaps Mauritius